The Ryan Guerin Fund is a special fund that helps financially needy Lyme disease patients who require diagnostic testing for tick-borne illnesses, to help pay for them when they otherwise cannot. Monies are paid to the patient's physician in the form of a grant, from the fund.


Right: Ryan Guerin. Reprinted courtesy of the Guerin Family.

To apply for a grant, please send  a detailed email describing your financial need and indicate the contact information for your Lyme treating physician to: All information will be kept confidential. Nothing is shared or sold to any third parties.

The fund was established in honor of a young North Carolina Lyme patient named Ryan Guerin, who died of Lyme disease. Ryan served in the U.S. Navy in the first Persian Gulf War. Ryan fought courageously, but because he was not diagnosed early enough in his illness, he never had a chance to regain his health.

Author, advocate and Lyme patient PJ Langhoff, and founder of this fund had to wait NEARLY 13 years before any doctor would agree to test her and her children for Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections. To add insult to injury, she was outraged when insurance refused to pay for expensive, but necessary Lyme diagnostic testing. Due to a lack of money, PJ was forced to pick and choose between laboratory tests that she could afford, delaying her diagnosis and recovery for several years.

As an advocate, PJ learned of similar problems with patients who could no longer work due to their illness, and whom could not afford to pay for doctor visits, lab testing, or treatments. Disgusted from her own, and the experiences of other Lyme patients having to choose between essentials like food and housing, versus paying for medical care, the fund was established to help financially needy patients move forward with necessary diagnostic tests, the first step to diagnosis and treatment. 

In 2008, following the publication of the "It's All In Your Head" book series on Lyme disease, the Ryan Guerin Fund was established. Proceeds of the sale of these and other books and merchandise designed by PJ go into this special patient fund. PJ is working hard and hopes to make this fund a non-profit organization soon.

Anyone may apply for financial assistance, in any part of the United States. Grant funds are directly dependant upon donations received, so please give generously. If you would like to become part of the Ryan Guerin team, please contact PJ at We can link the web site with yours and help you collect funds and make money for your group or organization in the process. We are a limited fund, so we can only afford small grants to select individuals. But feel free to inquire.

A lack of funds and/or insurance coverage should NEVER stop an ill patient from receiving an early diagnosis. Please give generously so that people with Lyme disease (like Ryan), may be given a fighting chance, before it's too late.


Who Qualifies?
Any patient who may have,
or who has Lyme disease
or other tick-borne illness

What Tests Qualify?
Any diagnostic tests to screen for
tick-borne illnesses except
for the ELISA test.

How Much is Granted?
Grants based on need and funds available. Only one grant award per family per year. 

Please give generously so
we may help others receive treatment.

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